Discovery School

A Creative Alternative

Discovery School is a chartered, non-public school housed within Children’s Discovery Center which offers a Kindergarten program. Our curriculum has been approved by the Ohio Department of Education, and is fully aligned with state standards to prepare children for later success in area public and private schools.

In addition to developing skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, children also participate in various activities that increase large motor skills, social abilities, and technology awareness. Discovery School classrooms all feature state-of-the-art SmartBoard technology which enhances instruction and encourages interaction by the children.

Discovery School views children as strong and capable and encourages active participation in project work. Social skills such as creative problem-solving, teamwork, conflict resolution, and collaboration are developed as children and teachers work together to design and direct projects which lead to growth in physical, emotional, creative, and intellectual domains.

Children are valued for their individual abilities, and they learn to express themselves graphically, verbally, and through writing. Field trips and resource speakers expand their learning, in addition to special classes in Spanish and Art. A Christian education program encourages the development of spiritual values which strengthen character growth.

The tuition for Discovery School includes before and after school care, lunch, and two snacks per day, as well as transportation from other Children’s Discovery Centers.