How Children’s Discovery Centers uses ProCare Solutions to Communicate with Families

When it comes to entrusting an early childhood education provider with your child’s care, staying up-to-date on milestones, activities, accomplishments and more can be an exciting part of following your child’s development. Strong and frequent communication with our parents here at Children’s Discovery Center has always been a top priority for our team and fortunately, over the years, technology has made this easier than ever!


Children’s Discovery Center is proud to be a ProCare Solutions child care provider, providing the opportunity for our teachers to communicate seamlessly with each child’s family. After vetting multiple options for family communication, our team has found that ProCare works wonderfully for both our team and our children’s families to communicate each day. Not only does ProCare make connecting with our families easy, it also provides access to online payment options for our families.


Here are a few key always we use ProCare Solutions software to connect our staff and families: 


Contactless Check-In and Check-Out

ProCare Solutions has made check-in and check-out super easy for our families, especially during a time of increased precautions due to COVID-19. Parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands as they arrive at our facility and that proper security measures are in place upon dropping their child off and picking them up. 


Easy Online Payments for Families

ProCare Solutions offers a free online portal that makes it easy for families to make payments. Whether you prefer one-time payments or setting up recurring payments, this gives our families the ability to find a payment solution that works best for their household.


Activity and Development Updates

Getting updates on your child’s development and their day-to-day activities in the classroom has never been easier! Our teachers enjoy sharing photos of your child’s projects, lessons and crafts so that you can follow up on what they learned in the classroom, have engaging conversation with your child after you pick them up and enjoy celebrating milestones along with our staff. 


Maintaining and Accessing Family Records

When it comes to accessing important information for the children we care for, ProCares Solutions makes it simple for families to provide updates and for our staff to get the info they need. Whether it’s checking in on classroom allergies and contact information to day-to-day schedules, our staff and our parents benefit from this helpful feature.


Seamless Contact with Teachers 

Should parents ever need to reach a teacher directly, ProCare Solutions offers quick access to our staff. Through the app, parents can contact teachers to share family updates, ask questions and more. 


We’re thankful for the incredible technology at our fingertips that helps us carry out our mission of providing a nurturing and explorative environment for growth and learning each day. If you’re interested in enrolling your child at a center near you, contact our team today.