Childcare Provider Best Practices (Now & Always)

As the world’s standards have changed during COVID-19, childcare standards have evolved as well. It’s no wonder many daycare facilities are confused about what best practices should be followed during this unprecedented time.

Here at Children’s Discovery Center, we are committed to the very best practices now and always. Along with making the necessary changes due to COVID-19, we continue to maintain our top priority, which is compassionately nurturing young minds through creative exploration in a Christian environment.

Our overall mission has not changed. We value and respect every child within our program, and seek to provide excellent care. Even through the unknowns, we will continue to work hard to maintain the highest quality of standards and provide stellar services for all of our families.

If you’re wondering what best practices to follow for your childcare program, here are a few things we are implementing during COVID-19:

Wellness and temperature checks

Each child entering the building is gently screened to ensure he/she is in good health. Through quick temperature checks and brief questions, we are adhering to the best health practices as required by our state.

Increased hand-washing by both children and staff

With child-friendly hand-washing stations and increased hand-washing intervals, we are emphasizing good hygiene for both children and staff. We try to make this fun and engaging for the kids, as we commit to extra diligence in preventing germs from spreading.
According to the Ohio Department of Health, it is helpful to “communicate with families about the new handwashing practices…so they can reinforce it with their children as well.”

Disinfected spaces and surfaces

As always, every surface in our facility is disinfected on a regular basis. We have an organized system to ensure all toys, manipulatives and supplies are sanitized regularly. A clean, well-run facility has always been a top priority at Children’s Discovery Center!

Ultimately, Children’s Discovery Center will go the extra mile to ensure every child has the best experience possible. With open communication between parents and staff, we will continue to create an environment that adheres to new safety standards and provides a productive learning experience.

We appreciate any and all feedback we receive and work closely with parents to address every concern. COVID-19 may have changed a lot of things in the world, but it hasn’t changed our commitment to best practices now and always.