Educational Philosophy

Mount Pleasant Daycare

Children’s Discovery Center was founded on a mission to cultivate and nurture young minds through the unique Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. Recognized around the world, this inquiry-based approach invites children to explore concepts by investigating, creating and collaboratively solving problems as a group. The teacher and children work together to design projects that encourage growth in physical, emotional, creative and intellectual development. The teacher facilitates higher level thinking with the child, and acts as a resource, guide and documenter of learning in the classroom.

Since our educational philosophy views children as competent, capable and amazing, we seek to nurture their interests by creating developmentally appropriate learning centers that focus on each child’s interests.

We also believe early childhood learning begins with discovery in a compassionate environment. The atmosphere we have cultivated in our various centers is best described as adhering to The Seven Principles of Early Childhood Classroom Design: Nature Inspires Beauty, Color Generates Interest, Furnishings Define Space, Texture Adds Depth, Displays Enhance Environment, Elements Heighten Ambiance and Focal Points Attract Attention.