My daughter and I moved from another town to Perrysburg and toured four other centers before choosing CDC. Everyone was so helpful and welcoming during our tour, my daughter did not want to leave when we had to go to another center to tour. Every one of the staff members is extremely helpful and care about the children's safety and education. I am very happy that we chose CDC for my daughter's daycare/preschool. It was the best decision I have made!
The Reggio approach attracted me from the start. I've taught in a Reggio-based early childhood center, so it made sense that my child learn in this same type of environment.
Betsy McArdle
Children’s Discovery Center is the ONLY place that I've ever felt comfortable with as a place for my child to begin learning independence. Initially, the environment attracted me to the center because it is such a fun and beautiful space. Then, I met with the teachers and staff during a tour and immediately fell in love with the school’s philosophy, focus of individual development and the people. Everyone seems to really know every parent and child personally.
Toledo parent
Children's Discovery Center is a beautiful environment that has a great Christian based education model, flexibility of schedules and a very friendly staff. I have really enjoyed the healthy lunch options that are provided for my child. I also appreciate the special areas of teaching that my child is learning; Spanish, art, music and Bible stories.
Nikki Ketchin
As a full-time working mom, I believe that Children's Discovery Center is a safe and nurturing environment for our children to grow and learn. My daughter is receiving excellent care.
Holly Krepton
At Children's Discovery Center, the staff genuinely cares about their kids, love what they do and are simply wonderful. The communication between the director, staff and myself has been nothing short of outstanding. They have truly exceeded all of my expectations.
James Lee
The educational component of the program attracted me to the center. It's a thriving, learning environment with exceptional care for my child.
Toledo parent
I felt like this center would be a place where my child could grow, develop, learn and build self-esteem. I also felt that I was sending my child to a place where she will be treated as an individual and well loved.
Rebecca Croud
This center had a very intriguing and new learning philosophy that I found appealing. It was also close to my job and had very flexible schedules. I love that ALL the teachers know my child's name.
Beth Simms
The center has allowed my child to develop at her own level. I feel that Children's Discovery Center offers a little bit of everything for a child to be a well-rounded person.
Toledo parent
We love the Children's Discovery Center! The program, staff and facility were exactly what we were looking for. We will continue to refer our friends with small children!
Lori Kilner-Khouri
We feel blessed to be in such an encouraging educational environment. I felt comfortable from my very first visit. It's the best decision we could have made for our family.
Sara Campbell
This is the best Pre-K education in town. Our daughter is happy going to school and is engaged in a good quality learning environment everyday.
Patricia & Pablo Rivero
From the beginning, we could tell that this was a well-run center. It is clean, well-maintained and has a friendly staff who clearly cares about my child.
Tricia Guest
A few of our friends moved to this school, so we decided to take a tour. The entire experience was impressive and our decision was easy.
Heather Borders
After learning I was expecting, my husband and I began the process of researching everything you had to know about preparing for a child. One big task that seemed particularly overwhelming, was determining who would care for our son when we went back to work. We had relocated to Toledo, and most of our family lived over an hour's drive away, so we knew we would have to find a daycare. We were nervous about the prospect of leaving our child with "strangers" who we had only just met. We had both done hours of research in what to look for in a daycare, the different philosophies and what we thought would best align with our parenting style.

Luckily, we had made some friends in the area, and they suggested we look into the Children's Discovery Center. We looked at a handful of locations that had positive ratings, or that were recommended to us. The difference between the locations was astonishing. The children were happy and listening to the teachers. We knew instantly that we had to send him to the CDC and are so grateful that we have.

All of the teachers that we have had have been amazing. Our son goes to "school" as we refer to it, because he is constantly being taught new, age appropriate topics. When his teachers notice that he has mastered one skill or task, they work with him on additional tasks or skills. When it comes to his peer group outside of the CDC, it's apparent that his grasp of language and concepts is more advanced, and we attribute that to the wonderful teachers at the CDC who work with him on a daily basis.

The growth we see in our son makes us sure that we made the right decision when choosing the CDC. We know our child is in good hands and cannot share enough our appreciation of the peace of mind they provide.
Stacy & Bryan Latta
Our experience at the Downtown CDC has been awesome! With my husband and I both working downtown, I love that our son is close. It was paramount that we found a place for our child that we felt confident was providing a safe and positive environment for him to learn and grow, and the Downtown CDC goes above and beyond. The staff and teachers are caring, welcoming, and fun; and the facility is beautiful, complete with both indoor and outdoor play areas. I'm thrilled that our 17 month old is being taught new words and skills and given the opportunity to explore the world around him! I highly recommend it to anyone working or living in proximity to the downtown area!
Chelsea Khristov