Our Centers

Children’s Discovery Center emphasizes aesthetic design elements such as color, focal points, texture, lighting, displays, furnishings and the use of nature. We believe that a creative environment is essential for inspiring young children to learn. Our educational environments are filled with creative media, materials and activities that support learning and encourage exploration. Our teachers are viewed as partners within the educational program. Our beautiful, interactive environment is considered the “third” teacher.

The best of these elements have been captured in our book, “Inspiring Spaces for Young Children”, and its groundbreaking assessment tool, “Rating Observation Scale for Inspiring Environments” (Gryphon House Publishing, 2010). Both invite educators to enhance children’s environments by emphasizing aesthetic qualities often overlooked in early education settings.

The success and impact of our classroom design principles have resulted in our staff serving as creative environment consultants for Kaplan Early Learning Company, the United States Air Force and other child care centers throughout the country.

Our Centers

Holland (Wolf Creek)

Franklin Park (Talmadge)

Perrysburg (Avenue Road)

Perrysburg (Harbor Town Place)

Waterville (Dutch Road)