Featured Location: Perrysburg (Avenue Road)

We’re thrilled to highlight our Perrysburg (Avenue Road) location in our latest blog! As a community-based early childhood education center, the staff at this location have had the honor of serving many children since their infancy. With deep roots in the area, we are proud of the strong relationships we’ve fostered with families throughout the neighborhood since we first opened in 1993. This location was actually our first Perrysburg center, followed by our second located at Harbor Town Place. 

CDC Perrysburg

As with all of our centers, our Perrysburg center team believes that a creative environment is essential for inspiring young children to learn. When visiting this location, you will find each space is intentionally created to encourage discovery and exploration! Our educational program views each child as competent, capable and amazing. We seek to nurture each child’s interests so that he or she experiences a personable, exciting learning journey. 

Our learning environments emphasize aesthetic design elements such as color, focal points, texture, lighting, displays, furnishings and the use of nature to bring each lesson to life. We should also note that our classroom lessons are unique for every class and age group, being guided by the children’s interests and curiosities, with the teacher serving as a facilitator for learning. 

CDC Perrysburg

Having been in our community for more than 28 years, our Perrysburg location features teachers who are new to teaching as well as those who have been with us since the very beginning. Currently, we have 113 students and 20 staff.

We offer a variety of unique learning opportunities outside of our normal classroom lessons, including Art and Music for children ages three and up. We also feature Spanish once a week for our students who are four years and older.

CDC Perrysburg

Overall, we are proud of our educational program that has evolved over the years, providing an innovative environment for life-long learners. If you’re interested in learning more about our Perrysburg (Avenue Road) center for your child, contact our team today.