Featured Project: Spiders

Our latest featured project was inspired by one of our inquisitive preschool students! This new discovery encouraged students to study the behavior and habits of spiders, expressing their observations through artwork created with their spidey-sense and natural materials. 

This new project focused on the importance of understanding and appreciating the natural world and how it shapes our experiences. Children’s Discovery Center’s young explorers created their artwork using a variety of materials, such as wire, clay, paint and weavings. We adore watching as students explore and engage with the world around them in Reggio Emilia-inspired critical-thinking exercises such as this.  

This thrilling exploration surfaced in November when the students discovered a spider and wanted to catch it. The students had begun asking questions about how spiders make webs, what they eat and were interested to know what type of spider it was! Through STEAM-powered exploration, our pre-K student used their imaginations to help  shape an innovative, hands-on lesson that promoted fine motor skill development. 

Our WOW Project

Resourcefulness plays a key role in our projects and helps our CDC team guide children in creating truly unique and one-of-a-kind projects. Students used everything from stones to leaves to create hand-made habitats for their “spiders.” This design project inspired conversations about how we can practically help protect spiders’ natural habitats and ensure their survival. This was a brilliant project to explore different materials and their potential uses.

Based on our students’ evolving interests, we pivoted to focus on learning more about the fascinating aspects of a spider’s web and the complexity of arachnids.

We are incredibly proud of how our students turned one small question into a well-rounded learning experience! Our team is grateful to continue building upon moments like these in the creative atmosphere of our Discovery Centers. 

The CDC Difference

For the past 40 years, Children’s Discovery Center has been helping guide and expand the minds of Toledo’s youngest explorers. By providing an innovative environment that promotes self-led discovery, our dedicated staff nurtures children into becoming life-long learners. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to learning, enroll your child and tour our facilities.