Four Signs Your Child Loves Your Childcare Provider

Does your child enjoy going to daycare? Besides the occasional early morning “grumpies” are they thrilled about spending time with their teachers and classmates?


There’s nothing like the reassurance of knowing your child loves your childcare provider. It offers great peace of mind knowing they are in good hands and are thriving in their environment.


At Children’s Discovery Center, nothing is more important to us than helping children find joy in learning through our creative, nurturing and Christian environment. It is our hope that all children everywhere will learn, grow and thrive in whatever childcare program they participate in.


If you’re wondering whether your child truly enjoys your childcare provider, her are four signs to look for:

Sign #1: They Are Anxious to Get Out the Door


Is your child constantly trying to rush you out the door in the mornings? If so, that’s a good sign they love your childcare provider. Often, children who are excelling in their childcare environment want to be the first ones to arrive and the last to leave. They might complain about being bored during extended holidays or insist they are fine even when they’re sick. These are good indicators you’ve picked the right provider.


On the flip side, most kids who are unhappy in their daycare situation resist getting out the door in the morning. They complain, lag behind and even act out in defiance. If this describes your child, you might want to do a little investigating to determine why your child is unhappy in their current environment.

Sign #2: They Often Repeat What Their Teacher Said


One sure sign your child loves your childcare provider is when they mimic words and phrases used by their teacher. If you find your child echoing fun and encouraging words their teachers use, it’s likely they are happy in their daycare environment.


In contrast, if your child complains about their teacher’s words and instructions, and often feels exasperated by them, you might need to meet with the childcare provider to discuss better ways they can communicate. Sometimes, a little positive reinforcement goes a long, long way.

Sign #3: They Feel Connected


If your child frequently talks about having fun playing with friends, interacting with teachers and engaging in learning activities, it’s likely they feel connected and are growing in their childcare program.


However, if your child has little to say about their teachers, classmates and activities, there’s a good chance they feel disconnected. It’s highly important for children to feel a deep sense of connection in order to develop a love for learning.


We believe in making meaningful connections with every child that enters our program. Not only do we strive to build healthy teacher/student relationships, we also encourage healthy friendships with classmates. After all, we want children to be excited to participate each and every week.

Sign #4: They Are Growing Mentally, Emotionally and Physically


The best sign your child loves your childcare provider is that they are growing. Mentally, emotionally and physically, you’ll be able to see incremental growth and improvement in each of these areas. In most cases, your child’s language and verbal skills will expand, their social and reasoning skills will mature, and their physical skills will be strengthened. 


However, if you notice your child regressing in any of these areas, it would be wise to speak with your childcare provider for possible causes. Sometimes, when a daycare program isn’t intentional about a child’s learning abilities, kids can slip through the cracks and fail to thrive.


We work hard to ensure our children and teachers work together on projects that encourage growth in physical, emotional, and intellectual domains. Ultimately, we want every child to feel safe, loved, and valued. 


Make sure your child loves your childcare provider and watch for signs they are happy and thriving.