Newest Children’s Discovery Center Addresses Important Issues for Nursing Moms

The downtown Children’s Discovery Center was designed to help moms and dads working in the downtown Toledo area have the greatest accessibility to their child during the day. Never is this more important than when a young mom is nursing her baby. To accommodate nursing mothers, the downtown center features a room where a mom can sit quietly and breastfeed her baby in an undisturbed, beautiful environment. The benefits of breastfeeding for moms and babies are immense.

According to The Cleveland Clinic, breastfed babies have:

  • Stronger immune systems with less overall illness and hospitalization
  • A decrease in colds, respiratory illnesses and ear infections
  • Better vision
  • Fewer allergies
  • Improved brain development

And that’s just a few of the benefits.

Because breastfed babies tend to be healthier, parents may have less absenteeism from work. Breastfeeding is also healthier for moms too. It promotes weight loss, and reduces the risk of postpartum depression. It’s healthier for moms emotionally as well. Returning to work after a maternity leave can be very stressful for mom and baby. The opportunity to bond and nurse your baby during the day, close to work, can be an amazing gift to a mom who’s trying to juggle it all. The environment provided by Children’s Discovery Center certainly beats most places a working mom has access to at work— many times that means just pumping in a ladies’ restroom.

The Children’s Discovery Center cares for children from infants to Pre Kindergarten at the downtown center. We are a premier early care and education provider. We encourage learning through exploration and we support the family with a creative, nurturing environment. For a tour of the downtown Children’s Discovery Center, contact Angel Heath at 419-255-4890 or email her at


In June 1982, with an extensive background in early childhood education, a love of children, and a few innovative ideas, Lois Mitten Rosenberry, founder and CEO of Children’s Discovery Center, opened the first Children’s Discovery Center location. Committed to excellence, innovation and being distinctive in educational programming, Mrs. Rosenberry traveled to Italy in 1994 to research and train under the Reggio Emilia early education program, designated by Newsweek magazine as the best in the world. She embraced the approach and chose the best components to successfully integrate into the Children’s Discovery Center educational model. Now, for more than 35 years, Children’s Discovery Center has grown from one center in Arrowhead Park, Maumee, to six locations throughout the greater Toledo area, providing full-day early care and education for thousands of children and families.