Keeping creativity at home


Your kids have been at home with you for a while now. Are you finding it challenging to find creative ways to keep them engaged and having fun? We’re here to help with some hands-on, mentally-stimulating, skill-building activities to keep their education and creativity on track!

Let’s get visual:

Set up an arts & crafts workspace. Stock it with crayons, paper and all the necessary tools your future artists will need to become the next Van Gogh! Add some textured materials, too. Things like cotton balls, sponges and even pinecones from the backyard. This will inspire your kiddos to get even more creative with their works of art!

Love is loud!


A lot of kids learn best through sound. While it takes a bit of time to speak a language, children are born with the ability to respond to sound. So, let them make their own music! Whether it’s drums, a guitar or handmade instruments like cans filled with “shakeable” items like beans, children get exercise for their body and mind while making music.

Lights, camera, action!

In a classroom, kids get a lot of relationship-building time, but at home, especially in a quarantine situation, that time is lacking. To get more of this at home, let your child’s imagination run wild! Have them perform an original play for your family. Let them pick their outfits (even from your closet) and make a stage and set for their imaginary world. This will help boost their confidence while having fun at the same time.


Natural is beautiful:


Bring the great outdoors into playtime! Rocks, soil, leaves, sticks, feathers… whatever it may be, nature tends to capture a child’s attention and curiosity. Whether you head outside or bring the outdoors to you, the things your kids find in nature can be used to create fantastic art projects and more!



Whatever you decide to do to keep your child occupied during this time, remember to keep it creative and educational!