Toddler Program

Discovering Myself

A continuation of the infant program, Children’s Discovery Center’s toddler program takes a more active approach to your child’s development. We strive to help your child form a positive self-image through the development of competence and self-esteem. Consistency is an all-important factor for providing confidence that entices your child to explore the world. Our toddler program encourages the use and understanding of language, the manipulation and organization of objects, and the development of social and emotional abilities. We encourage your child to develop self-control, to be persistent in an activity, and to become independent in feeding, dressing and toileting.

Along with these self-discovery skills, we encourage activities and projects to allow your child to show creativity and individuality. A wide variety of materials are introduced for exploration and self-expression. Following directions and group participation are encouraged in a positive manner. The activities not only encourage small and large motor skills but also help your child achieve optimum early development.