5 Tips for Parents to Practice Reading with Children at Home 

Books are like passports for our imaginations. Each cover we open and every page we turn whisks us away to new times, exciting lands and even strange, fantastical worlds. At Children’s Discovery Center, we believe that students learn best by exploring the world around them, and that belief extends to those found within the pages at our fingertips. 

As the first and most important teacher in your child’s life, you play an integral role in their development. While our educators teach the foundations for reading in the classroom lessons, there are many ways you can reinforce and inspire your child’s love of reading at home!

1. Make reading time a special time.

Reading can be magical, so try making shared storytime feel just the same! You can do this by setting aside dedicated reading time, creating a “reading space,” or preparing special, healthy snacks to share. Incorporating unique touches like these will help your child associate reading time with a joyful atmosphere and recognize it as something to look forward to. 

2. Reread favorite books…theirs and yours!

The key to developing any skill is repetition and interest in the study. When reading to your child, make a note of books you find that they particularly enjoy and revisit them again from time to time. Revisiting stories that hold their interest may inspire them to want to try and read them to you when storytime comes around again. 

Reading together is also an excellent opportunity to rediscover your inner child by introducing your little one to books you enjoyed when you were their age.

3. Make the reading process interactive.

As you read along, invite your child to participate in the process. Ask them questions about the story, or see if they have any predictions about what may come next. Check in to see how the character’s actions make them feel or how they would react to the unfolding events if they were in the story. Most importantly, encourage your little one to ask questions along the way. Storytime is not only a way to practice our reading skills but also a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow together.

4. Make every moment an opportunity to grow.

Learning to read is like riding a bike or playing an instrument. Practice makes perfect! In a world full of words, every second is an opportunity to grow! Help your child hone their skills by turning your everyday travels into a reading adventure. Encourage them to decipher their favorite cereal boxes when grocery shopping. Ask them to read you the local billboards on the drive back home.

5. Support them along the way.

We all make mistakes now and again. It’s all a part of the learning process. What’s important is that we don’t let these upsets deter us from moving forward! As your child continues to grow their reading skills, support them with a positive attitude and reassure them of their progress. Teach them that it is ok to stumble along the way and that everything hiccup is helping them grow.

The CDC Difference

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