Early Childhood Education is Essential

Is it truly essential for your child to participate in a childcare option that promotes and focuses on education?

The short answer is “yes.”

Early childhood education is not only beneficial, it’s essential in preparing children for lifelong learning, social interaction and emotional development. Without those early years of cognitive, social and physical growth, many children will struggle to catch up during the elementary school years. Any delay in developing these crucial skills could lead to a negative school experience and even affect their school success.

Here at Children’s Discovery Center, we promote the very best educational start for your child with our World Renowned Project-Based Educational Philosophy. We believe every child, at the earliest age, has the ability to learn, grow and develop in an enriching, creative environment. We also believe early childhood education is essential. Here’s why:

It Leads to a More Successful Outcome

Research shows “The development of important emotional, cognitive and behavioral skills takes place early in life. These foundational skills are not only important for a successful transition to school, but also for later academic achievement and social adjustment.”

Providing the best educational start for your child will propel them forward with excitement and confidence. They’ll even look forward to going to school—all because of the wonderful learning opportunities they experienced in their early childhood education environment.

It Helps Brain Development 

Children are like sponges—able to learn and expand their cognitive skills through interactive and creative education programs. Education-based childcare not only assists with brain development, it might even help reduce learning delays.

According to Harvard University, “The basic architecture of the brain is constructed through an ongoing process that begins before birth and continues into adulthood. Early experiences affect the quality of that architecture by establishing either a sturdy or a fragile foundation for all of the learning, health and behavior that follow. In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections are formed every second.”

As these neural connections are made, be proactive in finding an educationally rich childcare program to help create a sturdy platform for brain development and lifelong learning.

It Introduces Vital Social Skills

Most children are social by nature and love to interact with their peers. However, without plentiful opportunities to be social (such as in an early childhood education environment), children might struggle to relate with others. This can lead to social issues such as self-isolating or acting out in aggression.

One of the best ways to introduce your preschooler to vital social skills is through a dynamic educational environment where they’ll learn about sharing, communicating, and working together. 

Look for an education-based program that will help your child interact in a healthy, positive way. The vital social skills they learn in these early years will set the stage for interacting with others throughout their life.

It Provides Physical Growth

Children need ample time for physical recreation. Whether it be playing “Simon Says” or learning to walk across a balance beam, the best childcare providers offer plenty of activities to boost physical growth.

It’s been proven that getting enough exercise, fresh air and sunshine has been linked to better performance in school. According to the CDC, “Eight out of the nine studies found positive associations between classroom-based physical activity and indicators of cognitive skills and attitudes, academic behavior and academic achievement.”

Give your child the best opportunity for educational success by enrolling them in early childhood education. This will set them on a positive course for lifelong learning and cognitive, social, and physical development.