Children’s Discovery Center Recognized as one of Largest Privately-Owned Child Care Companies in the Country

Toledo, OH – The Children’s Discovery Center recently topped Exchange magazine’s list of North America’s Largest For-Profit Child Care Organizations. Coming in at the 36th spot, the Children’s Discovery Center’s ranking is based on the center’s nine locations and 1,703 overall capacity.

The list is featured in the most recent publication from Exchange Press Inc., an organization dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas among leaders in early childhood programs worldwide. The list uses information supplied by the organizations’ websites. The data on capacity is the total licensed capacity of all centers as of Jan. 1, 2016.

“I am honored that the Children’s Discovery Center is recognized among some of the largest and most well-respected child care centers in the country,” said Lois Rosenberry, president and CEO of the Children’s Discovery Center. “It is a true testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to our continual growth.”

This is not the first time the Children’s Discovery Center has been recognized by Exchange magazine. A few months ago, Rosenberry was named a member of the Master Leader of the Exchange Leadership Initiative.

“I believe that this is just the beginning of our journey,” said Rosenberry. “With such exceptional teams at every one of our locations, enhancing early childhood experiences for our children is our primary focus.”