Featured Project: Birds

What’s new in our classrooms? A lot! Ms. Ami and Ms. Sherrie’s pre-K A and B classes have embarked on a high-flying adventure with our feathered friends. This exciting study of birds began with a simple observation and took flight as an extraordinary learning experience. The project, “Our Nest is Best,” is more than just a study of aviary kind; it’s a testament to how curiosity can lead to profound discoveries.

The Spark of Curiosity

Our journey took flight in October 2023 when students noticed birds forming a “V” in the sky while on the playground. This observation quickly piqued our students’ curiosity.

Why do birds migrate? How do they know where they are going? It was the perfect opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of birds and embark on a project that would satisfy their unbridled curiosity.

Embracing Reggio Emilia Principles

Aligned with CDC’s Reggio Emilia principles, our project emphasized child-led exploration and the importance of connecting with nature. 

We encouraged students to observe, question and express their thoughts, providing them the tools to explore each in depth. The approach not only facilitated learning but also nurtured critical thinking, creativity and a deeper understanding of the natural world.

This project was a response to our children’s observed interest in birds and provided a platform to explore related concepts – migration, habitats and bird anatomy – in a way that was engaging and accessible for our young learners. 

The activity also offered countless opportunities for hands-on experiments and creative expression. Our students and early childhood educators had an incredible time bonding over the classroom crafts they created together. 

The “WOW” Factor

This project reached new heights with two captivating highlights. First, we were paid a visit by a local food truck that provided the classes with a tasty treat.

The second and most spectacular was our aviary project. Our young ornithologists created their own nests using feathers, sticks, leaves and other natural elements found around our center. They also crafted owls from egg containers, yarn and drawings, combining various textures and materials to bring their creations to life.

Our Ongoing Discoveries

“Our Nest is Best,” and there’s more fun to come! This ongoing project continues to evolve with the children’s interests and findings. In the future, we will be inviting children to collaborate with their families to create a bird to add to our classroom aviary. 

This inclusive activity not only strengthens the home-school connection but also allows children to share their learning journey with their parents and guardians as well. Stay tuned as our young explorers continue to spread their wings!

Discovery Takes Flight At CDC

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