Featured Project: Birds

Our Pre-K class at our Talmadge location recently enjoyed their journey learning about many different types of birds, their habitats and how they thrive. What began as interest in the emperor penguin while studying the polar regions, led to exploring all kinds of birds.


The children were curious about what makes a bird different from other animals and they were excited to learn more about our “feathered friends.” As we began our exploration, the children wanted to know what truly makes a bird…a bird!

Hand-painted blue and black bird feather

The children looked at animal pictures and began sorting through our animal toys to discover that birds come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of different types of feathers. In fact, birds being completely covered in features is what makes them different from other animals.


As our project progressed, the children were interested in the many colors, sizes and body parts birds have. Through drawings, paintings and experiments, the children were encouraged to explore using these many different languages of learning. Each experience related to our bird project added to the children’s collective knowledge of birds.

Crafted birds nest

We then shifted our focus to learning more about the types of birds that exist, their habitats and what they eat. The children took a closer look at birds and their homes. We used pictures and had fun creating bird “homes” using various mediums and materials. They were very interested in adding the birds and nests they created throughout our room to enhance our environment.


Toward the end of our project, the children focused on how they could attract birds to our playground. The children had the opportunity to work with their families to design and construct either a birdhouse or bird feeder for our playground, using recyclable materials they found at home.

Once completed, the children brought their bird creations and shared them with the class. We then placed them outside and have enjoyed seeing all of our “feathered friends” come to visit the exciting homes and feeders they created. Our bird project turned out to be an EGGcellent learning journey!

Woven bird feathers