Featured Project: Entomology

Here at Children’s Discovery Center, our students are fueled by curiosity as they turn day-to-day activities into engaging explorations. At our Perrysburg location, our preschool students found a growing fascination with the many insects surrounding the center.  Recognizing her students’ increasing interest in these little critters, Ms. Amanda found her new class project. 

Our newest project found our students discovering the world of bugs through entomology! 

Our Interesting Insects 

Using our Reggio Emilia principles, the project was centered around a hands-on approach, allowing students to learn from the surrounding nature by letting their curiosity guide them. They were able to investigate the bugs that lived around them by collaborating with each other and their teacher. 

As students dug deeper into the dirt, their understanding of nature grew further as well. They realized that there are so many things that we don’t see at first glance, but if you look a little closer, you can be opened up to a whole new world. 

In this project, our class created an insectarium to house and observe the insects they found in homemade bug hotels built by the class. Working in a homemade lab, our young entomologists also expanded their imaginations by drawing an insect of their choosing. 

To conclude this CDC project, students had the opportunity to enhance their vocabulary. Students practiced writing insect-related words with natural tools such as sand, dirt, and sticks and used their listening skills to attach sounds to specific insects. 

As our little explorers have grown in their knowledge and interest in insects, so has our lesson! Our amazing CDC parents will have the opportunity to see the finished project once completed and participate in activities with their children. As long as they are engaged and curious to learn more, our class will continue to dive deeper into entomology. 

We are so excited to see these amazing students explore the world around them and learn from hands-on, student-oriented experiences and activities to fuel their adventurous spirits! Watching these brilliant minds in their insect expeditions leaves us full of anticipation for the next big adventure!

Inspiring Creative Minds

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