Featured Project: Exploring the Ocean

At Children’s Discovery Center, our teaching methods are designed to unearth our students’ inner explorers and provide them with the tools to discover the world around them. 

Our latest project took our preschool students (and their imaginations) to the depths of the deep ocean blue!

This exciting exploration surfaced in March when the class’ teacher noticed many of the students’ growing curiosity about sharks, whales and other sea life. The students had begun asking questions about these creatures and more while playing with an ocean toy. 

With their students at the core, lead teacher, Ms. Lem, and assistant teacher, Ms. Ashley,  molded our Reggio Emilia curriculum to their interests in an ongoing, STEAM-powered exploration that’s been a real splash!

Our WOW Project

Throughout this time, students engaged in a variety of hands-on activities as they learned more about the ocean’s incredibly diverse ecosystem and the creatures who call it home. 

Discovery in this particular lesson incorporated a significant science component. Our class worked together to transform their learning environment into an underwater wonderland, utilizing natural and recycled materials in arts and crafts projects where they created their own coral reefs, adding fish, sea urchins and more.

Our young explorers were also able to express their artistic sensibilities as they drew and painted jellyfish, dolphins and many other of their favorite creatures. These works of art are proudly displayed on their classroom’s project gallery and discovery board.

As with all CDC projects, this lesson has evolved since its inception and has even involved participation from our CDC parents with a class visit to the Toledo Zoo – Aquarium. While this session has been a grand success, the ocean is vast, and this class is excited to keep exploring the topic! 

We are incredibly proud to watch our students as they learn, grow and explore this world together. Our team is grateful to share opportunities with these young minds and cannot wait to see where their curiosity takes them next!

The CDC Difference

For the past 40 years, Children’s Discovery Center has been helping guide and expand the minds of Toledo’s youngest explorers. By providing an innovative environment that promotes self-led discovery, our dedicated staff nurtures children into becoming life-long learners. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to learning, enroll your child and tour our facilities.