Featured Project: Rocks

At Children’s Discovery Center, we believe curiosity and exploration can ignite our children’s minds. Look no further than our pre-K class for proof of this! These young geologists recently embarked on an exciting project centered around rocks to discover the secrets of the Rock Cycle. Inspired by curiosity as to why rocks sparkle, our young learners dug into an exciting hands-on exploration. 

The Spark of Inspiration

The project began when our pre-K class encountered white rocks decorated with fascinating sparkles during outdoor playtime. Intrigued by this new mystery, the children’s natural curiosity led them to wonder how these sparkles found their way inside the rocks. And so, the class’ investigation into the world of rocks began.

Reggio Emilia in Action

Guided by our Reggio Emilia philosophy, this project provided rich opportunities for young learners to engage in hands-on, child-led exploration. The children immersed themselves in their research, using creativity, observation and imagination to draw and build clay representations of actual gemstones. 

They witnessed the transformation of rocks through a rock polisher, cracked open real geodes to reveal their hidden treasures and even constructed a model of the Earth’s core! These experiences nurtured their critical thinking, problem-solving and artistic expression skills.

Our WOW Factor

As the project progressed, our student’s excitement peaked alongside a thrilling homemade volcanic eruption. By exploring chemical reactions, we carefully researched and selected the best method for creating our eruption. When the big moment came, our young discoverers gathered to witness the volcanic spectacle with wonder and delight.

Continuing the Journey

As this remarkable project came to a close, we were left with a newfound sense of wonder and respect for the very stones beneath our feet. It is a blessing to watch as our children immerse themselves in the natural world. 

Our pre-K students have grown greatly throughout this project, finding joy and learning new skills in these science projects – particularly growing crystals. This process showed patience as they eagerly observed the crystals’ growth and highlighted their dedication and fascination with scientific processes. 

We are proud of our pre-K class and their unyielding curiosity throughout this project. We are excited to witness their continued growth and look forward to the many awe-inspiring adventures that lie ahead.

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