Featured Teacher: Ms. Nicki

Without our teachers’ compassion, curiosity and guidance, CDC’s discoveries would not be possible! This includes dedicated educators like Ms. Nichole Turnow, affectionately known as Ms. Nicki, whose unwavering commitment and encouragement have helped foster a love for learning in every student who enters her class. With her passion for early childhood education, Ms. Nicki has been an invaluable part of our team for two years, serving as the lead teacher for our preschool program.

Helping Each Other Grow

Ms. Nicki sees every day as a new chance to grow. Rather than viewing challenges as roadblocks, they are opportunities to better ourselves. With every project and lesson, Ms. Nicki hopes to inspire creativity, confidence and this sense of determined curiosity in her students each day.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and it’s evident in the classroom as she creates an environment that encourages children to explore and excel.

“My motto is ‘Challenge accepted!’” Ms. Nicki shared. “I love a challenge and being able to see the progress that comes of it.” 

Together, Ms. Nicki and her students have explored many topics and overcome countless challenges of their own. She finds joy each day in making a positive difference in the lives of the children she teaches and watching them flourish under her guidance.

Ms. Nicki recalls the “Spiders” project as a highlight of her class’ recent discoveries. “It was amazing to watch the class’ growth as they transitioned from being curious about spiders to becoming little experts,” she shared. “The children loved observing spiders they found in our center’s surrounding environment.”

When asked what she loves about Children’s Discovery Center, Ms. Nicki shared that she cherishes our network’s family atmosphere and strong sense of community. 

She admires the remarkable level of involvement demonstrated by everyone, whether it’s through donating time and materials or simply stopping by to share a warm greeting and engage in delightful conversations. “There is so much connection and support!”

Her Personal Life

Before joining CDC, Ms. Nicki gained extensive experience through her education at the Childcare Education Institute. Her expertise and commitment to nurturing young minds make her a beloved figure among our students and parents.

When Ms. Nicki isn’t inspiring her students, you can find her exercising her green thumb in the garden. She also loves going to the movies, enjoys playing sports with her family and delights in bike rides. And when she has time, Ms. Nicki loves to stop by Dale’s Diner for some breakfast! 

Experience the Difference Of a CDC Education

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