Children’s Discovery Parent Testimonial: The Dotson Family

Eli Dotson

We believe compassionate learning environments promote healthy childhood development. As our young students explore through creativity and connection, our staff takes special care to guide them at each step. This journey is reflected in stories like that of Kelsey Dotson and her 16-month-old son Eli!

Why do you love CDC?

“We love so much about CDC!” Kelsey shared. “Every day when I drop Eli off, I know he will be safe and loved by his teachers.”

Eli has been with Children’s Discovery Center since he was three months old and looks forward to each day filled with developmental activities and friends. However, what he’s benefited from more than anything is the attentiveness of our staff.

“In every single room he’s been in, the teachers have gotten to know Eli’s personality and have always been strong communicators with us about his needs.” 

How has CDC impacted your children and family?

Eli’s special connection with his caregivers doesn’t go unnoticed. Kelsey mentioned Miss Lisa as a resource for parents as their children continue to develop. She also spoke of how Miss Kadijah’s attentiveness has helped guide Eli’s growth.

“Miss Kadijah knows so much about toddlers and makes sure that Eli’s days are filled with fun activities,” Kelsey shared. “Eli loves when she has the bubbles out, loves playing on the slide in her room, and also enjoys their story times.”

CDC encourages growth at each stage, and Kelsey noticed that Eli has just as strong a relationship with his former teachers, Miss Tia and Miss Whitney, even after leaving their class.

“Eli loves his teachers most of all! He loves to wave and blow kisses to Miss Tia on our way out of daycare every day.”

Kelsey says that CDC staff at every level has contributed to Eli’s growth and development as a young learner.

“CDC has been a vital part of our family since we started,” Kelsey shared. “We know as parents that our son is getting the best care in the best environment. He comes home happy and tired from a busy day at school – we couldn’t ask for anything more!”

Discover the CDC Difference

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