Preschool B’s Field Trip to Gust Brother’s Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkin farm field trip

 Gust Brother’s recently provided our Talmadge Preschool B class with a real farm experience during our amazing tour of the farm. We had the opportunity to enjoy a wholesome and fun atmosphere with so much to do and see. We were able to pet and feed the cows, pigs, goats, rabbits and chickens. We even saw baby chicks and kittens too! Afterwards, we went on a hayride throughout the farm, observing the corn fields and pumpkin fields and learned about other produce that they grow in their fields. After the hayride, the children were able to sit down and enjoy homemade apple cider and a fresh warm cinnamon donut that was delicious. Toward the end of our tour, everyone was able to pick their very own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch to take home.

As our project focus is: “On the Farm!”, we were able to learn hands-on about each animal and how the farmers grow and harvest their crops by using proper equipment on the farm such as a tractor, a combine and a baler just to name a few.

This experience was special and amazing! The parents and the children loved and enjoyed the field trip. The rest of the week the children could not stop talking about it and asked when we can go again.