The Early Years: The Importance of an Educational Foundation

Building a solid educational foundation in the early years of a child’s life is not only important, it’s necessary. More and more, families are recognizing the value of early childhood education as a springboard for their children’s overall success in school and life.

Research has shown that a positive early education experience boosts a child’s confidence academically and helps each child engage socially, physically, and mentally. Most importantly, it helps create a love for learning right from the start.

That’s why Children’s Discovery Center strives to build a solid educational foundation from infancy. Our program introduces children to creative exploration and promotes active participation in discovery. 

We love seeing kids engage in hands-on projects and learning activities that motivate them to keep exploring. Through our time-tested approach, Reggio Emilia, we encourage relationship building, independence, and creative learning that nurtures a sense of wonder and excitement.

Here are few more reasons why an educational foundation is so important:

1. It establishes a child’s learning processes.

Children, by design, are capable of much more than we think. By offering a strong educational foundation from infancy, we are establishing key learning processes in the brain that will help them succeed in school and beyond.

Even simple activities can stimulate a child’s brain and make integral connections for further learning. It’s important for these learning processes to be built early on, in order for children to continue building successfully throughout their school years.

For more about establishing your child’s learning processes, here is a fun resource called 20 Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power.

2. It opens their minds to creative exploration.

When children are allowed to exercise creativity in a supportive environment, their minds are opened to exploration and self-discovery. Often, kids will gravitate towards things of interest, which gives teachers and parents a better idea of how they learn. 

Recognizing a child’s learning style is key in helping them succeed educationally. Many of the typical frustrations in school can be helped by identifying how a child learns and building upon those strengths.

3. It reinforces healthy interactions.

A key factor in developing a healthy educational foundation is the positive interaction it reinforces between peers. Not only do kids learn how to work together with other children, they learn important listening skills as teachers lead them in a variety of activities. These early social skills can help children navigate the various interactions they will encounter throughout their entire life.

More and more, as parents recognize the importance of a solid educational foundation, we are committed to supporting them in making the best decisions for their children’s future. After all, Children’s Discovery Center was founded on Christian principles that promote a creative foundation for learning. Our centers are designed to help children of all ages discover new and exciting things while feeling valued and respected. We believe this is the very best way to build the solid educational foundation they need to succeed.