What is STEM education?

Established by the National Science Foundation in the early 2000s, STEM instruction is an educational approach focusing on science, technology, engineering and math. At Children’s Discovery Center, this highly-effective teaching method is the foundation for our STEAM-powered discoveries, which place added focus on artistic exploration as well.

Children’s museums nationwide have incorporated this imperative learning experience into their exhibits, programs and activities. By introducing children to STEM education at such an early age, we can help nurture their curiosity, develop their critical thinking skills and inspire them to explore the world around them.

What is STEM education?

STEM’s interdisciplinary approach engages students with hands-on, problem-based lessons to foster a love for learning. With each new discovery, this well-rounded curriculum promotes your child’s desire to learn without feeling forced to do so.

The process begins with identifying the goals of the student, as well as those of the class, and then creating a fun and engaging learning environment that supports both. This intentional, flexible instruction allows students to pause and reflect on their lessons throughout the process.

In STEM/STEAM environments, the classroom becomes the third teacher: a safe, inspiring, thought-provoking environment for your child to develop their intellectual capacity and creativity.

What is the goal of STEM education?

When your child experiences STEM education at a young age, it supports their overall academic growth and develops early thinking and reasoning skills. This provides opportunities for their natural curiosity to mature into conversations about how to be resourceful and promotes solution-based outcomes, ingenuity and genuine fun while learning.

Each area of STEM is designed to teach process skills that become beneficial life habits and ways of thinking. This interactive collaboration between students and educators provides teachable moments that engage their imaginations, provoking them to explore more, which builds their STEM literacy skills. STEM and Reggio Emilia education work simultaneously to provide your child with a well-rounded learning experience.

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