Fun In the Sun: Summertime Activities for Continued Education

Summer is a time for young children to explore and discover! But did you know this season also holds incredible potential for furthering your young learner’s educational journey? From nature walks and exciting experiments to storytime and crafts, endless adventures and learning await you and your child each day!

Make discoveries and memories on nature walks! 

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the world is ready for us to explore! Embrace the beautiful summer weather by embarking on nature walks and encouraging your child to observe and interact with the natural world around them. 

You can help guide their discoveries by pointing out different plants, insects and animals and inviting them to share their thoughts on each observation. This activity helps develop their observation skills and promotes a love for nature.

Make a splash at home with water play experiments!

There’s no telling what new discoveries today will bring! Spark your little one’s curiosity by turning your backyard into a mini science lab with water play experiments

Fill buckets, tubs or a small pool with water and provide various objects as test subjects. Let your child experiment with sinking and floating objects, learn about water displacement, and discover the principles of cause and effect. Water play helps keep us cool on a hot summer day and enhances your child’s sensory, motor and cognitive skills. This activity can be as simple (or involved) as you like! But no matter what experiment you choose, we are sure you’ll always find fun. 

Start a family garden!

There’s nothing wrong with getting our hands dirty every now and again! So why not have fun while doing it? Gardening is an excellent way to foster young children’s understanding of nature and the environment while cultivating responsibility, teaching patience and instilling them with pride as they watch their plants grow. 

How can your family earn their green thumbs? It’s easy! Allow your child to help plant flowers, vegetables or herbs in small pots or a designated garden area. Teach them about the lifecycle of plants, the importance of sunlight and water, and how to care for living things. 

Explore your creative side with arts and crafts!

There’s no better way to express oneself than unleashing our creativity! Encourage your child’s artistic sensibilities by setting up a designated art space and providing materials like paints, brushes, paper and recycled materials for crafting. Try nature art projects to encourage exploration of our beautiful world.

Remember, there is no wrong way to create art! While you can provide your child with guidance and tips, encourage them to follow their instincts! Explore different art techniques and tap into your imagination as a family. Engaging in arts and crafts nurtures fine motor skills, self-expression and problem-solving abilities.

Create and share stories together!

Are your summer travels planned? If not, you can still take a journey from the comfort of your home! After all, books are a gateway to countless new worlds. Add storytime to your summer routine and set up a cozy reading nook indoors or under a shady tree. 

Some of life’s best stories stem from our creativity. Encourage your child to explore their storytelling abilities to create narratives and let their imagination run wild. Reading and storytelling support language development, critical thinking and creativity.

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