Featured Project: Bugs

Ms. Allie and her students learning about bugs

If our students have taught us anything, it is that even the smallest among us can significantly impact our world. Bugs, from the fluttering butterfly to the buzzing bee, teach us the same. Our students’ latest exploration of these unique creatures served as a natural extension of our previous project on birds.

This exciting hands-on study started with the arrival of spring. As the ecosystem surrounding our Toledo-area Discovery Centers came to life, Toddler B-class students were naturally curious about the insects nearby. We nurtured this curiosity by first associating “wormies” and “buggies” together to start our project!

At Children’s Discovery Center, our Reggio Emilia-inspired teaching philosophy emphasizes hands-on discovery and the importance of nature. A project on bugs has been the perfect way to impart these lessons while also teaching children empathy, reverence and respect for creatures of all sizes.

Our WOW Project

In the coming weeks, our educators will incorporate activities into guided lessons that help strengthen sensory, observation, creativity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. And while Toddler B’s study has just begun, our students have wasted no time getting into the field! 

“Spring is the perfect time of year to start seeing all kinds of bugs we may not see any other season,” shared Ms. Allie, Toddler B’s head teacher. “We can spend a lot of time outdoors discovering new and known ‘buggies’!”

The best part so far, though? Miss Allie’s students are growing their confidence with every discovery!

“I am so excited for them to dive deeper into exploring bugs!” the head teacher said. The students are so proud of themselves when they can correctly identify a bumblebee, a ladybug or a spider. That’s the best part!”

We’re so proud of how our students have dived into this project so far! From here, our explorers will chart their next adventure. Only time will tell where, but Miss Allie hopes it’s “things with wings!”

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