Our Staff’s Favorite Children’s Books in 2024

Mother reading a picture book to her son in bed

Throughout history, stories have played a special role in molding our world. They spark our creativity. They foster our imaginations. Stories engage our minds and teach us lessons we’ll carry throughout our lives. Reading with your little ones, whether they be infants, toddlers or preschoolers, invites magic into your daily routine. 

At Children’s Discovery Center, we embrace the transformative power of storytelling and want to help you bring that special magic home! That’s why our team has carefully selected a collection of beloved children’s stories, perfect for enriching the imaginative lives of your young minds at home.

“Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister

Chosen by: Ms. Kadijah

“Rainbow Fish” whisks children away on an underwater adventure with a colorful fishy friend who learns the true meaning of friendship and sharing. Although he may be the most beautiful fish in the sea, Rainbow Fish (and young readers) will learn that beauty isn’t all that matters when it comes to making friends.

Ms. Kadijah treasures this book for its powerful message about generosity and the importance of kindness. She believes it’s essential for children to learn early on that true happiness comes from giving and sharing, rather than focusing solely on material possessions.

“How Do Dinosaurs Show Good Manners?” by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

Chosen by: Ms. Nicki

“What if a dinosaur won’t be polite? Maybe burps at the table and starts food fights?” Mischievous dinosaurs take center stage in this infectious read-aloud as they try their best to learn their manners. Ms. Nicki loves “How Do Dinosaurs Show Good Manners?” because of the fun her class has while reading it. 

“The children love the funny voices I make for the characters,” she shared, “which in turn, helps them remember the lesson of having good manners.” This CDC favorite is sure to inspire a ROARing good storytime with your little learners.

“The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear” by Don Wood

Chosen by: Ms. Jade

In this beloved picture book, readers follow along with the determined Little Mouse as he tries, tries and tries his best to save a strawberry from the Big Hungry Bear. This delightful tale of perseverance is told through captivating illustrations and rhythmic storytelling to captivate young minds. 

Ms. Jade loves the dynamic flow of the story and enjoys changing her tone to match the mood of each page, drawing children deeper into the narrative and honing their active listening and reading comprehension skills at a young age.

“The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss

Chosen by: Ms. Racheal

“Fun, funny and easy to read.” When it comes to storytime at CDC, this Dr. Seuss classic never fails to excite and delight. But there’s more to “The Cat in the Hat” than that! 

Through the mischievous antics of the Cat in the Hat, children are introduced to the joys of rhyme and rhythm, providing ample opportunities for laughter and learning in Ms. Racheal’s classroom.

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle

Chosen by: Ms. Whitney

In “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” children embark on a colorful journey of discovery, encountering a delightful cast of creatures along the way. Combined with the iconic and colorful collage illustrations, this sing-song adventure is a must-have addition to any child’s bookcase. But why is this Ms. Whitney’s choice?

“It’s my favorite because the children love it,” she shared. “When I am reading and say ‘I see,’ they finish the sentence and say, “A red bird.” They are learning colors and some animals when I read the book. They engage so well and are always so excited when I get that book out.”

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